Semeniuk already has “plan B” after volleyball. Soon he will become a master, we know the topic of the work

Semeniuk wants to receive an academic title before leaving for Perugia, where he will play next season. No wonder that in her free time she crammed the material and polished the content of her master’s thesis. Her title: “Promotion of the city through sport on the example of Kędzierzyn-Koźle”. The choice of the topic is obvious in the case of Zaksa Kędzierzyn and the long-time star of this team, with whom he achieved everything he could on the Polish and international arena. Semeniuk announces that when he finishes the work, he will be happy to present his master’s thesis to the public for inspection by interested parties.

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I study at a university in Opole, which helps not only volleyball players, but also athletes from many fields to obtain education and to be successful not only in volleyball, but also in the scientific field. Man does not live by volleyball alone, you must have a plan B for life – explains Semeniuk, referring to the School of Management and Administration in Opole. Almost all the leading Polish volleyball players have passed through its walls.

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It is a real scientific forge of volleyball playershas been popular among the leading players of the Polish national team for years. Eight world champions from 2018 were students of WSZiA. Subsequent age groups also expand their knowledge and education there. They follow in the footsteps of Mariusz Wlazły and Michał Winiarski, who years ago were the first volleyball players at this university to receive a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, respectively.

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The system of games in the 2022 volleyball players’ World Cup

In 2019 three volleyball players completed the next stage of their education. The then captain of the volleyball team Michał Kubiak, quarterback Grzegorz Łomacz and libero Damian Wojtaszek appeared in Opole to defend the works. Kubiak and Wojtaszek defended their bachelor’s theses, and Łomacz became a master’s.

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Most often they choose the specialization of sports and tourism manager. For years WSZiA has been educating in the field of sports marketing. The first bachelor’s degrees were Wlazły and Paweł Zatorski. Bartosz Kwolek studied undergraduate studies at WSZiA. Among the students, you could also find the names of Artur Szalpuk, Dawid Konarski and Kuba Kochanowski.

Four years ago, the current member of the team, Łukasz Kaczmarek, wrote a bachelor’s degree under the title: “Sports success as the basis for the image of the discipline on the example of the Polish national team in volleyball.” It was during the previous World Cup. Today the topic is up to date again.

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