Scorn in a 35-minute game. The gameplay from the scary and disgusting game looks great

The premiere of Scorn will take place in October. The game was presented by the developers, and in addition, we can see a longer gameplay – the production will debut next month on the Xbox Series X | S and personal computers.

After years of waiting, Scorn is heading to the market. The title is still a mystery to us, because we don’t know what to expect, but the latest materials should answer the question – is it worth getting interested in the production on the day of the premiere?

The latest gameplay from Scorn shows the very beginning of the story, so if you are sure you are going to play the position, then better not to watch the material below. The rest can see the official fragment of the game and a fragment prepared by the GameRiot editors.

Scorn has been stimulating the senses for many months, because the developers set the action in a terrifying world – the team was inspired by the works of the Swiss painter HR Giger during the implementation of the world. The author previously had the opportunity to create a xenomorph costume that we know from the “Aliens” series.

Scorn will not be a very complex story, but the developers want to provide the right experience – this is why we have waited a long time for the game, but from the premiere we are to be charmed by the project.

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