Schwarzenegger criticized Europe. Russian energy in the background

Referring to wars on Ukraine, The former governor stated that Europeans “have become very, very vulnerable, including with regard to energy from Russia.” Ecologists well-intentioned to phase out nuclear energy, in his opinion, however, made a mistake.

Schwarzenegger on the atom

It is true that accidents can happen with nuclear energy. But the death toll as a result accidents compared to the number of people who die from pollution and climate change. Nuclear power plants are almost CO2 neutral, while greenhouse gases are emitted, for example, during uranium mining – commented Schwarzenegger.

Originally from Austria, Schwarzenegger has long been involved in environmental protection. This fuel fossils are the enemy – summed up on Sunday in Munich. As he argued, through his efforts and actions that he undertook as the governor of California, “he wanted to set the best example for the United States, and also for the rest of the world.”

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