Scholz: Putin is not allowed to redefine boundaries

Putin is not allowed to conquer countries and redefine borders, stated German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin on Sunday, commenting on the war in Ukraine that has been going on for nearly six months during the open day at the Chancellery. As he argued, Germany supplies Ukraine “a lot of weapons”.

As estimated by Scholz, the Russian leader planned the present war long before the invasion began. The original purpose of this war that Putin started (…) was apparently the intention to conquer a neighboring country – he said.

Putin did come up with the idea to draw a marker pen across (the map of) Europe and then say: “This is mine, and this is yours.” But it doesn’t work that way – the chancellor added, noting at the same time that he would not end the dialogue with Putin. It must be clear that we will not be intimidated – added.

As reported by the dpa agency, when asked by former Bundeswehr general Klaus Wittmann, who asked why Germany did not provide Ukraine with the promised armored personnel carriers, “Scholz listed other types of weapons that had already been delivered as planned.”

Germany supplies a lot, a lot of weapons – summed up Scholz.

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