Scholz after talking to Putin. “He does not see that starting a war was a mistake”

“There were also no indications that new attitudes were emerging there,” said the chancellor, quoted by the dpa agency.

Nevertheless, it is right to talk to yourself and to present Putin your own view on matters, emphasized Scholz. “Because I am deeply convinced that Russia must withdraw, it must withdraw its troops for peace to have a chance in this region. And every day it becomes clear to me that this is the only prospect.”

Scholz spoke to Putin on the phone on Tuesday for the first time in three and a half months. He called for a diplomatic solution to be worked out as soon as possible and for the complete withdrawal of Russian troops.

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Behind the scenes of the first hours of the invasion. Ukraine wanted to give way to Putin

At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine Putin was offered a deal that would meet Moscow’s demand and keep the country outside NATO, but he rejected it and continued the armed campaign, Reuters reported Wednesday, citing three anonymous sources close to Russian authorities.

Putin’s deputy head of administration, Dmitry Kozak, who coordinated policy towards Ukraine, said president of Russiathat he concluded a preliminary agreement with the government in Kiev on this matter. He estimated that thanks to the agreement, the occupation of a large part of Ukraine was no longer necessary for Russia, the sources said.

Before the invasion Putin has repeatedly argued that NATO is expanding eastwardswhich, in his opinion, threatens Russia’s security and forces it to react.

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