Scandalous scenes in Paris. … bananas flew from the stands [WIDEO] Soccer ball

“Attacker Tottenham and the Brazilian national team spoke of the slander he suffered during today match. He said he missed the racist slander during the celebration, but he hoped these people would be punished, “wrote Isabelle Costa, a reporter for s1 live.

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What was it about? After a goal was scored Richarlison he ran to the corner. He stopped at the flag, where he was immediately collecting congratulations from his friends. During this time, several items, including bananas, flew from the stands. His teammate Fred had one of the bananas kicked out behind the back line.

Such behavior is disturbing, although fans from France are known for their impulsive reactions and throwing various objects from the stands. The terrible events of more than a year ago in Nice, where fans stormed the pitch during Nice’s match against Marseille. Then there was even a fight between hooligans and footballers.

The situation from the match between Brazil and Turkey also brings to mind the reaction of another black footballer, Dani Alves. Eight years ago, during a match between Villarreal and Barcelona, ​​a banana was thrown from the stands at the former defender Barcelona. To everyone’s surprise, Alves ate it and as if nothing had happened, he continued the game … This gesture spread immediately and became one of the symbols in the fight against racism flowing from the stands. For the so-called The “banana action”, which was started by Dani Alves’ club mate Neymar, was joined by many footballers by publishing pictures with the fruit, including Robert Lewandowski.

It is worth adding that at yesterday’s match, in which Brazil finally defeated Tunisia (the game ended with the score 5: 1), a large part of the fans were fans sympathizing with the Tunisian national team. There are quite a few immigrants from this country in Paris itself and they prevailed in the stands of the Parc des Princes.

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