Scam “on Spotify”. Cybercriminals give 48 hours

This time the scammers decided to attack one of us. I got a message to my e-mail that I need to renew my subscription and update my Spotify Premium payment method. The problem is that I don’t have any subscription, and the e-mail itself was simply a fabricated one.

Cybercriminals willingly impersonate various companies or public trust institutions. We already had a scam “at PGE”, “at the Ministry of Finance”and recently joined this group scam “on Orlen”. In addition, online robbers often pretend to be employees of a bank or loan companies. Everything is aimed at extorting money or sensitive personal data from potential victims.

This time, however scammers are targeting Spotify Premium subscribers. In a message in English, probably sent to random people, they say that they need to renew their subscription and update their payment method. They give 48 hours for this – otherwise we would lose access to the service. The content of the email is as follows:

Dear Customer,

Your subscription has not been renewed and will be lost, please update your payment method.

Click on the link below to continue using our service, otherwise your subscription will be blocked within 48 hours.

Thank you for understanding.

Kind regards.

Your Spotify Service Center.

Fraud "on Spotify"
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Scam “on Spotify”

While I will certainly not regain access to the service myself – because I consciously gave it up a good year ago – people who actually have a subscription may fall for this scam. The crooks are quite skilled they fabricated the look of the email and used the original logo Spoiledwhich can make the message seem plausible. However, it is worth paying attention to the address from which it was sent, because this has nothing to do with the service itself.

Obviously this is a scam and do not go to the address provided, let alone provide payment card details. You may end up losing money from your bank account. After receiving a similar message, it is best to check if our application is working properly and not to be afraid of losing access.

Konrad Siwik, a journalist at

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