Saudi Arabia wants to host the World Cup

So far, the most talked about the officially confirmed candidacy of Spain with Portugal as well as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile in the context of the World Cup in 2030, with South American countries advertising it as the return of the World Cup to their continent for the centenary of the first such tournament. The Times informs that Saudi Arabia will announce its intention to organize the tournament in the coming weeks.

The English say that Saudi Arabia will present a candidacy together with Egypt and Greece. The Arab country will be the leader of this candidacy and if it does not fully finance the construction of stadiums and infrastructure at the other co-hosts, it will at least significantly support their efforts in financial terms. The project is in line with the plan that Saudi Arabia has been implementing since 2017, which consists in organizing the world’s largest sports events.

Importantly, the plan would be to play such a tournament on three continents in the fall and winter, as it will now be in Qatar, to avoid the extremely high temperatures in Saudi Arabia in June / July. It is worth noting that from 2026 the world championship will be played between 48 teams. The next tournament in Qatar is the last such tournament with 32 countries.

The Times reports that the announcement of this candidacy will take place in the coming weeks and it will be a serious rival to the current favorite, i.e. the Spanish-Portuguese option. It is pointed out that Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece represent three continental confederations and even if UEFA ultimately endorses Spain and Portugal, as it has done so far, Greece could always cut off a few votes, to which it will receive broad support from Africa and Asia. Tariq Panja from the American NY Times comments that Spain and Portugal may feel threatened, because recent history shows clearly that the organization of large tournaments falls to those countries with the greatest financial opportunities.

Interestingly, British The Times sums up that the joint candidacy of Great Britain and Ireland to host the tournament in 2030 was withdrawn precisely for these political reasons, because the British would have to fight not only for support on their continent, but also with such a financial power as Saudi Arabia.

For now, it is not known how Saudi Arabia’s willingness fits into the FIFA rules, which block a given continent from organizing two more World Cups after it has accepted such a tournament, and now the world championship is organized by Qatar, which in this respect is being blocked by another country. belonging to the Asian confederation until at least 2034.

The host of the 2030 World Cup will be elected in 2024. The next World Cup will be held in Qatar this fall. Then, in the summer of 2024, the EURO will be organized by Germany, and the World Cup in 2026 by the United States, Canada and Mexico. The British and Turkey are trying to win the next European Championship in 2028.

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