Sasin’s tax will hit all Poles

Jacek Sasin informed about the plans to introduce a new tax a few days ago on Twitter. “I have sent to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki a solution regarding the taxation of extraordinary profits of state-owned companies and private enterprises. The estimated budgetary impact is PLN 13.5 billion, which we will spend on mitigating the effects of rising energy prices,” wrote the Deputy Prime Minister. In subsequent interviews, he revealed that he wanted such a tax to be 50 percent. from “lead gains”. We managed to reach the magazine. In Business Insider Polska, we have described the details of Jacek Sasin’s project.

The tax on excess profits was discussed some time ago in the European Commission. The EC proposed 33 percent. a tax on excess profits from the sale of fuels and proposed to limit electricity revenues to EUR 180 per megawatt hour. So the very idea of ​​Sasin for the tax is not surprising, but its assumptions – yes.

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