Sanna Marin – Prime Minister of Finland at the party. Survey among Finns after a recording was leaked

44 percent of Finns believe that the disclosed recordings of a private event with the participation of the country’s prime minister Sanna Marin do not affect her position and role as head of government, according to a survey commissioned by the MTV news service. 42 percent is pleased that the Prime Minister is able to relax and party in his spare time. At the same time, for 60 percent of respondents, the disclosed recordings “do not match the authority of the office”.

Premiere recordings Finland who was dancing with her friends in a private home, he published the Finnish tabloid “Iltalehti”. On Instagram videos Sanna Marin sings and dances with her friends during the house party. Party goers include popular singer Alma, influencer Janita Autio, radio presenter Karoliina Tuominen and MP Ilmari Nurminen.

Just over a third of respondents believed that the recordings weakened the position of Marin, leader of the Social Democratic Party of Finland (SDP), as prime minister. The biggest critics are supporters of the liberal Center Finland party (KESK), the main coalition of the Social Democrats. The poll was conducted on a group of nearly 1,300 people on Friday, the day after the disclosure of the first video involving the prime ministers, followed by suspicions of drug presence at an event involving Marin and celebrities.

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Sanna Marin about the party with her participation and the published recordings

Sanna Marin about the party with her participation and the published recordingsReuters

“Risky Game”

Local media reports that after the end of the summer vacation, Marin partyed at least four times over nine days in early August, two weekends in a row. The main Finnish newspapers in the weekend’s editorial comment that the prime minister is playing “a risky game” when the confident admits that nothing unforeseen is happening in the middle of the night. “Great catastrophes do not go around with a bell around their neck,” comments the newspaper “Ilta-Sanomat”. The “Helsingin Sanomat” writes, in turn, that Prime Minister Marin’s “stern remarks” in conversations with journalists when they asked about Finland’s partying and safety, “will probably remain in the memory for a long time and will come into common use.”

Sanna Marin has undergone drug testing

As HS recalls, Marin defended herself by saying that the Council of Ministers it doesn’t gather in the middle of the night. – If there was a crisis, I would know by midnight. Our country is not in such a bad condition that we do not know it in advance – she argued. – I want to believe that even people in such positions (like me – editor) can have free time, spend it with friends and have fun, also hard – she replied, when asked if she would have acted differently in retrospect.

Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna MarinEPA / KIMMO BRANDT

– I always went on my own and there was not a single morning when I was hungover – the prime minister said, when asked if it was possible to contact her at any time. She summed up her experience with drugs: – Sometimes I saw people smoking pot abroad.

Earlier, she emphasized that she had never taken drugs, and after the leak of footage of the event she underwent tests for their presence to dispel all suspicions.

Main photo source: EPA / KIMMO BRANDT

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