Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland, about a party at her house: I’m human, sometimes I miss joy and fun

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin argues that she works hard as head of government, but that she should also have the right to private life. The politician found himself in the shadow of criticism after the recordings and photos of the event organized in her private residence circulated on social media.

“I’m human,” Marin said at her party’s press conference Wednesday. She described the past week as “quite difficult”. With a broken voice, she confessed that she missed “joy, light and fun” at times.

– I didn’t miss a single day of work. I want to believe that people will be looking at what we do at work and not at what we do in our spare time, said the 36-year-old. When she took office as prime minister in 2019, she was the youngest head of government in history Finland and one of the youngest in the world.

– I’m learning. But it does its job as well as it does to this ports. I think about UkraineI think about you and I do my job – she said.

When asked if she would change anything in her behavior, Marin replied that she personally saw nothing wrong with the fact that “politicians also have free time and spend time with their friends.” She added that “it is up to the voters to judge whether it is appropriate”.

Sanna Marin explained at the press conference about the party in her residence Enex

A controversial photo of the Prime Minister’s house

On Tuesday on social media A photo began to circulate in which you can see two women kissing. Naked breasts are covered with a sign with the word “Finland”, which is used during official statements of the authorities. According to Reuters, women are “famous influencers” in Finland. The photo was taken during a private event that the Finnish Prime Minister organized at his residence in July.

Marin apologized for the photo at a press conference on Tuesday. It was her first public appearance after it was made public late last week recordingswhere you can see her singing and dancing with her friends at a home party.

– I think this photo is out of place. I’m sorry for this. Such photos shouldn’t be taken, ‘said Marin.

The Prime Minister of Finland apologizes for a photo from a private party at his residenceShutterstock

Recordings with Sanna Marin divided the Finns

Private recordings Sanny Marin divided Finnish society. FROM poll commissioned by the MTV news service shows that 44 percent of Finns believe that the disclosed recordings of a private event with the participation of the country’s prime minister, Sanna Marin, do not affect her position and performance of the head of government. At the same time, according to 60 percent. of the respondents, the disclosed recordings “do not conform to the authority of the office”.

There is another Finnish politician among the party goers, as well as several celebrities. “I danced, sang, played, did legal things. I have a professional and family life, as well as free time that I spend with my friends. Almost the same as others of my age,” the Finnish Prime Minister assured.

The recordings, however, aroused some controversy, political opponents criticized Marin, and a popular TV presenter even called for her to resign, calling her “the least competent prime minister in the country’s history.”

The head of the Finnish government also received many support votes. The Finns stood behind her. One of the most popular Twitter hashtags of recent days in Finland is #solidaritywithsanna, meaning “solidarity with Sanna”. There have been many recordings on Twitter, the authors of which are dancing to express their support for the head of the government.

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Following the disclosure of the films, one opposition MP demanded that Marin undergo a drug test. The head of the government complied with this request – the test was negative.

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Main photo source: Enex

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