Sandra Kubicka about losing the casting for Love Island

Sandra Kubicka about losing the casting for Love Island

Sandra Kubicka did not expect that after many years, information about her would be released to the media, which, in her opinion, should never see the light of day. Jastrząb Post told the reporter about everything.

On September 2, 2019, the first episode of the Polish version of the program was broadcast Love Island. The dating show has already had six seasons and provided viewers with a lot of excitement. Mainly due to the colorful personalities of the characters, supported behind the scenes by the host – Karolina Gilon.

It turns out that it was close and the show would be hosted by another blonde beauty. Information about the participation has recently reached the media Sandra Kubicka in the audition for the hostess. In an interview with the reporter Jastrząb Post, the model did not hide that this news should never come to light. Why?

Sandra Kubicka about losing the casting for the lead Love Island

Kubicka was surprised that after many years all of Poland learned that she did not do as well as Karolina Gilon on the audition for Love Island. She believes that this type of information should remain between her and production.

I’m shocked because that was years ago! Castings are closed for that, so that they are closed. This is not talked about. I don’t know how it came out. Casting was great, but I think Karolina is doing much better in this role and I congratulate her. I think she fared much better than me.

How she reacted when it turned out that she was not the one to lead Love Island?

When I found out that I didn’t get to lead Love Island, I found out that I got Dancing with the Stars, which was the best adventure in my life and I would like to experience it again. There is nothing to regret, only to be happy about.

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