“Sanatorium of love”. Iwona and Gerard set the wedding date. “We got on the train of love”

Iwona and Gerard met on the set of the second edition “Sanatorium of Love”. Despite the age difference between them, they have been a harmonious couple for the past three years. Lovers are happy to tell about their love. They recently sat on the couch in one of the breakfast programs. Seniors revealed what their wedding plans look like.

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“Sanatorium of Love”. Iwona and Gerard are planning a wedding. “It must be warm, family and love”

Iwona and Gerard recently appeared in the program “Question for breakfast”. Participants “Sanatorium of Love” they do not hide that they have passed since getting to know them three years, they are still madly in love with each other.

It’s been three years now, it’s hard to believe that the second edition of “Sanatorium of Love” was three years ago and since then we have boarded a wonderful train, a train of love, a train of joy and we are rushing on this train – said Gerard’s partner.

The lovers revealed that they love to spend time actively. They encourage others seniors to take care of your physical condition. The couple also like to travel. It happens that during the week they visit several places in Poland. Participants “Sanatorium of Love” they also revealed that they had very rare quarrels.

It disarms me, because I am focused on gentle resolution of all conflicts. If I happen to say something with a firm voice, Gerard asks why I’m shouting at him – said the amused senior lady.

At the end, the leaders talked about the wedding. The bride and groom are planning to get married next year.

We can reveal today that a decision has been made and there is a set date. It has already been established, it is well-known, but for now, let’s build emotions. 2023, summer. It must be warm, family and love – revealed Iwona.

Gerard also noted that, according to popular custom, the month of the ceremony must contain the letter “r”.

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