Samsung showed the world’s first “retractable” PC. The prototype of the device will turn the tablet into a computer

Samsung Display and Intel are working on “slip-in” PCs. Currently, a prototype of the device has been presented, which did not make a great impression. Companies use a modern solution and want to keep working on technology.

Folding smartphones are systematically appearing on the market, but Samsung Display and Intel have decided to take a different approach. Instead of “assembling”, corporations want to “put forward” and For a good start, a prototype of a PC was shown, which changes from a 13-inch tablet to a 17-inch display.

The device is obviously a very preliminary version of the proposal, but it shows in which direction corporations want to go – this project is to “meet various needs related to a larger screen and also the portability” of the equipment.

We cannot expect that suddenly sliding screens will appear on the market where we can perform basic tasks or simply connect the monitor to a more powerful PC. However, this can be of great use, because it will allow for even greater mobility – in the end we will be able to use a small display, which we will enlarge at the right moment and work on it normally.

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