Samsung is doing the complete opposite of Apple. I wonder how that will turn out

Samsung is doing the complete opposite of Apple.  I wonder how that will turn out

Samsung is doing the complete opposite of Apple. I wonder how that will turn out

Looking at the new Samsungs, it will be hard to guess whether it is a model from the top or the bottom shelf.

For years, Samsung has made sure that its flagship smartphones visually stand out from the cheaper ones.

For example, models from the S21 and S22 series have characteristic islands with cameras that are integrated into the metal frame.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, S21+ and S21
Image credit: © Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, S21+ and S21

So far, such a design has not found its way to any model from the Galaxy A or Galaxy M line. It makes sense, because if someone spends 4 or 5 thousand on the phone. PLN, probably would like it to look better or at least different than the first budget budget, right?

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Well, Samsung seemed to think so for a long time, but apparently it just changed its mind.

The cheapest and flagship Samsungs will look almost the same

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G has just seen the light of day. Although the manufacturer did not reveal its price, the designation and modest specification suggest that it will not be excessive. Potentially, the smartphone will start at around PLN 1,000.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
Photo source: © Licensor

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G

Press photo below Samsung Galaxy A54which has recently hit the web. The price of this model will almost certainly exceed PLN 2,000.

Samsung Galaxy A54
Image credit: © Android Headlines

Samsung Galaxy A54

Here’s a promotional photo of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S23+whose predecessor started from PLN 4,999.

Samsung Galaxy S23+
Image credit: © 91mobiles

Samsung Galaxy S23+

Of course, these smartphones differ in the size of the frames surrounding the screen, but that’s roughly it. The most characteristic element of the constructions used is the arrangement of the camera lenses, which is almost identical in all models.

Samsung started designing its smartphones completely differently than Apple

Apple is famous for visually distinguishing smartphones from different price levels. The most expensive Pro models have at least the most lenses, which is very clearly exposed. In iPhone 14 Pro there was also a Dynamic Island hole in the screen.

In turn, the cheapest (but still not cheap) iPhone SEs stuck with an archaic design with giant frames. Thanks to this, looking at Apple’s portfolio, you can see at first glance which phone is the cheapest and which is the most expensive.

iPhone SE, 14 and 14 Pro
Image credit: © Apple

iPhone SE, 14 and 14 Pro

Apparently, this strategy works, because no company in the world sells as many premium smartphones as Apple. Consumers are clearly more likely to choose more expensive models if the differences in price are reflected in the design.

Meanwhile, Samsung does something completely opposite and makes smartphones from all price levels similar to each other.

This approach, of course, can boost Samsung’s sales of cheaper models (“supposedly cheap, but looks like a flagship”) and help it fight against Chinese competition. However, I am curious how the visual unification will affect the popularity of the top smartphones from the Galaxy S23 line.

Unifying the design of Samsung smartphones can only be temporary

So it is possible that the new head of designers in the future will decide to distinguish premium models from budget siblings. For now, however, it seems that in 2023 we will be flooded with almost identical Samsungs.

Miron Nurski, managing editor of Komórkomania

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