Samsung grinds Apple to a pulp. Someone stop this merry-go-round of laughter?

It seems that despite some not entirely successful action, Samsung is not going to let go of its biggest competitor. The South Korean giant mocks Apple in its latest marketing campaign, listing features that are missing in the latest 14 iPhones.

Even before the announcement of the iPhone 14 on Wednesday, Samsung made fun of Apple for the lack of “innovation” in the new iPhone models. Now that iPhone 14 has finally been revealed to the world, The South Korean company is back with a new marketing campaign mocking Apple for not offering features that Samsung smartphones already have.

Samsung mocks the iPhone 14

In a series of tweets, Samsung shared its reactions to the new devices presented by Apple – notes 9to5mac. “A brief summary of our reactions to the” innovative “new devices announced on Wednesday,” Samsung wrote on Twitter. While the company doesn’t mention Apple “directly” in its first post, it’s pretty clear that the new campaign aims to mock the iPhone 14.

Two of the tweets are for foldable phones that Samsung has been offering for a while. With messages like “What the flip, Apple?” and “What’s the hold on the Fold, Apple?” Samsung makes fun of the fact that it introduced its first foldable phone more than two years ago, while Apple still does not offer such a solution. AND rumors about a foldable iPhone have appeared in the past.

Another Samsung joke concerns the camera. iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max feature a new 48MP wide-angle lens. Samsung, however, rhetorically asks “48 megapixels? It’s almost done Apple,” referring to its 108-megapixel sensor introduced in the Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020.

Samsung accidentally helped Apple

However, the campaign does not end there and goes beyond the Internet. As some have noted, Samsung in the United States has even erected billboards with similar ridicule. One says Galaxy devices have been able to record 8K video for over two years, while even the iPhone 14 Pro is still limited to 4K video.

In the case of this joke Samsung unintentionally helped its competitorbecause he himself by many rumors wrongly pointed out that Apple finally introduced 8K recording on the iPhone. So the effect was that thousands of people decided that it really was and had an exaggerated opinion about the possibilities of the new iPhone.

Konrad Siwik, journalist of Komórkomania

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