Salman Rushdie’s health has improved

Earlier on Saturday Hadi Matar, 24, accused of attacking Rushdie during the preliminary court hearing, he pleaded not guilty to the charges of attempted murder and attack. The prosecutor accused him of having committed “a pre-planned crime”.

Matar appeared in court wearing a white mask over his face and in handcuffs. The judge ordered him to be arrested without the possibility of bail.

Defendant’s defense attorney, Nathaniel Barone, complained about the slowness of the authorities, which he said “had delayed too long bringing Matar to trial by keeping him handcuffed at the police station.” “He does have the constitutional right to be presumed innocent,” he said.

According to Wylie, Rushie suffered liver damage as a result of the attack and rupture of nerve fibers in his arm and eye, which he is likely to lose.

Attack on Rushdie, the author of many famous works, including the controversial “Satanic Verses”, for which he was sentenced to death by Islamic fundamentalists (fatwa), shocked and was condemned by famous personalities around the world, including of US President Joe Biden.

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