Sales of heat pumps in Poland are growing. Forecast for 2022

Poland is the leader when it comes to the popularity of heat pumps. In 2021, this market grew the fastest in Europe in our country. It turns out that 2022 may be even better, as evidenced by the current sales results of these devices.

Heat pumps are still gaining popularity in Poland. Last year, Poland developed the fastest among all European countries in terms of this source of heat. The current results of pump sales in Poland suggest that it may be even better.

According report developed by PORT PC in the first half of 2022, the Polish heat pump market increased by 86 percent compared to last year. The market of heat pumps for central heating of buildings increased by 96%. When it comes to the most popular solution in Poland, i.e. air-to-water pumps, their sales increased by 131 percent. compared to the first half of 2021

In 2021, a total of nearly 93,000 jobs were sold in Poland. heat pumps. The forecasts prepared by PORT PC assume that in 2022 sales may double and a total of approximately 180,000 units will be sold. heat pumps, of which approx. 160 thousand. they will be air-water pumps for central heating.

Sales of heat pumps in Poland
Photo source: © PORT PC

Sales of heat pumps in Poland

Heat pumps are missing

Interestingly, according to specialists from PORT PC, this result could be even better. The problem, however, is the limitations in the availability of heat pumps. It is estimated that due to the high demand for these devices throughout Europe, Poland will lack about 60 thousand. devices. So if the availability of pumps was greater, it is possible that the sales of these devices in Poland would reach the level of 240 thousand. pieces.

The popularity of ground source heat pumps is also growing. The market research shows that sales of brine-water heat pumps increased by 45% in the first half of 2022. compared to the first half of 2021. It is expected that in 2022 approx. 7.2 thousand of them will be sold. pieces. A year ago, sales reached the level of 5,650 units.

The report states that the popularity of heat pumps in Poland is influenced by the expected low operating costs and financial support in the form of various subsidies. Their advantage is also the fact that they are emission-free sources.

Karol Kołtowski, journalist of Gadgetmania

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