Saints Row Failed? The head of the Embracer Group mentions the ratings and return on investment

Saints Row did not steal the hearts of all reviewers and recipients, but all sales rankings show that the production is sufficiently popular. Embracer’s Lars Wingefors admitted that he was disappointed with the inconsistent adoption of the title, which should be profitable after all.

The Return of the Saints was one of the most famous premieres of August and certainly a significant investment for Embracer Group. The game was created for several years, and the holding teams tried to develop an extensive promotion of the item, the individual elements of which we could systematically check on the materials provided. The expected ones were probably high, but they had to deal with the notes at the level of 64%.

The issue of Saints Row at the annual Embracer meeting was raised by Lars Wingefors (for the VGC), which he did not hide that he expected better results:

“Personally, I was hoping for a better reception of the game. And that was very polarized. There are many things that could be said about her, but on the one hand I am happy to see a lot of players and fans happy and at the same time I am a bit depressed to see disgruntled fans as well, so it is difficult. “

“I think we have to wait for the quarterly report in November to have more details. We’re still quite early in our release window and still collecting data, plus bug fixes and more content to come. “

We have repeatedly informed that the title occupied the leading places on the European and American sales lists, even Sony included Saints Row in the list of most downloaded productions of the past month, which made it clear that players were eagerly entering Santo Ileso. Wingefors admitted that the game will earn, but it will not be the holding’s greatest success.

“From the financial side, I know or I am convinced that we will earn on this investment. Will it be as great a return on investment as we’ve seen in so many other games? Unlikely, although we will earn money and that is at least a very good starting point. “

Lars Wingefors is disappointed with the title’s results – Saints Row should generate sufficiently large sums, while the future of the series seems uncertain.

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