Russia’s travels around Europe should be stopped

Since partial mobilization was announced in Russia, traffic at Finnish border crossing points is increasing. Not only individual travelers, including young men, but also entire families are heading towards Finland, mainly with their own cars. Some opposition politicians demand the closure of the Finnish consulate in St. Petersburg and even the closure of border crossings with Russia.

The head of the government, Sanna Marin, answered in parliament to the opposition’s questions about the actions she was going to take in connection with the increased Russian movement.

At the beginning of the week, the Finnish government sent a request to the European Commission for the EU to adopt a common policy towards Russian citizens. On Wednesday evening, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto announced that Finland, due to the “slow” process at the EU level, would take its own remedial measures limiting the arrival of Russians to the country. We do not want to be a transit country for those who have Schengen visas granted by other EU countries, said the head of Finnish diplomacy.

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