Russia’s budget for the war is shrinking. India gives up some of its oil supplies, Urals – the cheapest in 17 months

The Urals crude oil price hit the local bottom. According to data presented by the Norwegian oil giant Neste, Urals crude oil had to be paid only $ 63.22 on Monday. a barrel, or less than $ 23. less than Brent crude oil. There have been no such low prices since April 2021. Currently, the Russians get $ 6 for oil. below the average level for which they sold the raw material last year, i.e. before the war. And yet war costs a lot.

One of the reasons for the decline in Russian oil prices was the general decline in oil prices in the world. On Monday, September 26 the price of the European grade Brent fell by as much as 3.8 percent, and the American WTI – by 2.6 percent. On a weekly basis, it is already 10 percent. for both species. There was a slight rebound on Tuesday, but prices at $ 84 respectively. and $ 75 are already similar to those from the beginning of this year, which we may see soon at petrol stations.

But there is another serious reason that could seriously undermine the Kremlin’s finances. This is India, which, after Putin unleashed the war, has become the second most important recipient of Russian oil after China.

Russian oil too expensive for India

Until recently, Indian refineries intercepted all Russian types of oil, taking advantage of the rebates resulting from sanctions on Russia. But recently something has changed.

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