Russians love this game. Its creator died defending Ukraine

Russians love this game.  Its creator died defending Ukraine

Russians love this game. Its creator died defending Ukraine

Some employees of the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World, which is responsible for the cult game STALKER, are fighting to defend their country. The product of Ukrainians is also popular among Russians, but already in March there were reports that there were problems with its availability in the country of the aggressor. Now from the front came the sad news about the death of Vladimir Yezhov, one of the developers of the game. The man died defending Ukraine from the invader.

According to the information provided by the Ukrainian side, Yezhov died in the battles of Bakhmut. No details have been released about the circumstances of his death at this time. The man worked several years ago on the title STALKER Clear Sky.

The game designer dies at the front

The Ukrainian studio has already issued an enigmatic announcement that confirms Yezhov’s death. “Do you still remember this red-haired guy with a wide, really wide mustache? (…) He kept his willpower to the end. He never let go,” we read on the game’s creators channel. Yezhov worked at GSC Game World until 2007, co-creating the title STALKER Clear Sky. He was also involved in the creation of the game “Cossacks”.

Premiere postponed due to the war

As we wrote in our pages, due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine, GSC Game World studio postponed the premiere of the game STALKER 2 for next year. Some of the studio’s employees left their previous duties to join the army and take part in defending your country.

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GSC Game World is a Ukrainian company, so our history is similar. Everyone is in their place and helps Ukraine win. At the same time, we are working hard on STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl, the development of which has become even more momentous and symbolic.

Russians love the STALKER series

It is worth mentioning that the series STALKER is also popular in Russia. SteamDB, however, shows that after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, there were problems with the availability of the product in the country of the aggressor.

Already in March, after entering in browser any title from GSC Game Worldin the field with the Russian currency there was a message “ON”which means the game is unavailable. The situation angered Russian players, who flooded all the games of the Ukrainian studio with a wave of negative comments on the Steam platform.

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