Russians are getting mysterious texts. “Your colleagues have already laid down their arms”

“All phones near Russia’s eastern districts receive this text message.” Malcolm Nance, an expert on terrorism and senior naval commander with links to US intelligence, reports on Twitter. Quotes the content of the message, excerpts of which read: “Russian soldier, if you want to survive, surrender! Your colleagues have already laid down their weapons and are waiting for a replacement (…) “.

Ukrainians are moving forward in their counteroffensive in southern Ukraine. They appear in the media more and more often information about the retreating Russian troops from the front, as well as the weakening Russian forces. Messages urging them to surrender are intended to further undermine the motivation of Putin’s army.

The text continues below the video

“What the Ukrainian forces are doing towards Kherson is a very deliberate attack that brings steady progress” assessed by the highest-ranking US commander Mark Milley during a conference at the Ramstein base in Germany, quoted by PAP. He also gave examples of successful actions by Ukrainians, incl. attacks on over 400 targets using Himars missile systems. In his opinion The Ukrainians are superior to the Russians in terms of tactics and will to fight.

It is worth recalling that in the initial phase of the war and just before the invasion Ukrainian soldiers received similar text messages. “Moscow has decided to use the Armed Forces in Donbas! You still have time to save your life and leave the ATO zone” was written by the senders of the message, which reached, among others Ukrainian soldiers from the 54th brigade stationed in the east of the country.

Source: Twitter,, PAP

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