Russian services are training in case of a coup. Fear of “moral destabilization”

Russian services are training in case of a coup.  Fear of “moral destabilization”

Russian services are training in case of a coup. Fear of “moral destabilization”

“On October 26, armed men with military equipment appeared in the center of Moscow. Some residents of the city hoped that a coup was about to begin. However, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSO) hastily announced ‘a planned tactical exercise to neutralize terrorist threats and protect key government facilities,’ reports the investigative platform ‘The Insider’, which publishes in Russian and English.

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Fear of “moral destabilization”

According to the portal, these exercises were only a small part of special actions in case the FSO (guarding the president and government Russia) was placed in a state of war.

The FSO command warns that in the event of a coup, some of the Kremlin’s bodyguards may become depressed. They may also doubt the rightness of the actions of their superiors, succumb to anxiety attacks and fear for their lives.

The Insider claims to be aware of a draft of a “secret plan for moral and psychological support for the transition of the FSO operational command from peacetime to wartime.”

The FSO is preparing its staff for a “massive ideological attack” in which the enemy will use the media, social networks, religious organizations, hypnosis (!), psychogenerators (?!) and even “properly packaged everyday items”.

As retaliation, FSO generals plan to use counter-propaganda, weekly political training, mass church attendance, and identifying mentally unstable FSO officers and inadequate response

– reports the reporter of the platform.

According to The Insider, the FSO warns its officers that the enemy is cunning, insidious, and above all, will try to “undermine the mental stability of the security personnel, disorient them morally and make them not want to resist.”

Television was mentioned as the greatest threat in this context, radioprint media, social media, books, brochures, flyers and posters.

Hypnosis, psychoviruses, Mother of God

In addition, foreign intelligence agents may engage social movements, non-governmental and religious (pseudo-religious) organizations and try to reach relatives of FSO officers.

The greatest emphasis, according to the portal’s report, is placed on specific individuals who may have exerted psychological influence on the bodyguards and who have hypnotic abilities. In addition to hypnosis, the FSO leadership assumes that the enemy can also use “chemical and biological methods of psychological influence”.

In addition to the social media and hypnosis mentioned in the plan, the enemy intends to use more sophisticated methods: 1) software and hardware backdoors enabling sound and visual effects, 2) psycho-correction games, 3) psychoactive chemical and biological formulas, 4) computer psychoviruses and programs that exert subtle influence computer operators, 5) psychogenerators, 6) low-frequency acoustic generators, 7) advertising products, 8) everyday items in prepared packaging

– enumerates The Insider.

In the “Increased combat readiness” section, it is advisable to conduct interviews with individual security officers, inform FSO personnel about the national, international and political-military situation. In addition, visits to the FSO Hall of Fame and History in the Kremlin and a trip to the Cathedral of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan are planned. The recommended countermeasures also include trust-building conversations between superiors and young FSO officers who are prone to mental instability.The most politically savvy officers are to be assigned to the least resilient officers, and in case of doubt, they are to send them to the hospital.

“The Insider” maintains that the deputy director of the FSO is responsible for the implementation of this plan. According to a source in the Kremlin security services, General Aleksandr Komov is reportedly not only extremely vigilant, but also seeks advice from astrologers and clairvoyants.

The article comes from the Deutsche Welle website.

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