Russian recruits from Irkutsk are outraged. The recording has gone viral [WIDEO]

Russian recruits from Irkutsk are outraged.  The recording has gone viral [WIDEO]

Russian recruits from Irkutsk are outraged. The recording has gone viral [WIDEO]

From the very beginning of the war in Ukraine, the media have been reporting on the poor condition of the Russian army. Everything indicates that the situation of Russian recruits is not improving, and perhaps it is even worse than it was in February last year. The latest recording, made by one of the future soldiers from Irkutsk, shows the conditions in which they are transported to the war new recruits.

The man deliberately filmed the conditions in which he and his companions had to go to the front. The Russians from Irkutsk do not hide their indignation that cattle cars were sent for them, which were not even adapted to transport people. The video, which lasts less than 40 seconds, shows that the future soldiers cannot even count on decent food, because the food is scattered on the floor of the wagon.

The entire recording can be seen below:

The Russian army is transferring old military equipment from its warehouses to the territory of Belarus to train its soldiers on it, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced on Monday morning.

A “significant part” of the armament and military equipment sent from Russia to Belarus to train enemy soldiers is equipment removed from maintenance in warehouses, which requires servicing, the Staff said in a statement.

Russian soldiers are already and continue to be stationed in Belarus, including reservists mobilized in the so-called partial mobilization. On the territory of Belarus, according to information from the authorities, training of these soldiers is taking place.

The authorities of Russia and Belarus also regularly inform that projects are being carried out on the territory of the Russian ally to increase the cooperation and interoperability of the armies of both countries under the so-called Regional Military Group of the Union State.

In recent weeks, the Belarusian authorities have more often reported on the transfer of Russian military equipment and soldiers to the territory of the country. On Sunday, it was announced that from January 16 to February 1, joint aviation maneuvers with Russia will take place in Belarus. For this purpose, as stated, Russian planes have already been moved there.

Although the Belarusian forces did not support the Russian army in the invasion of Ukraine, Alexander Lukashenko made the territory of the state available for the needs of the Kremlin. At the end of February, Russian troops launched an attack from Belarus to northern Ukraine, including the Kiev region. Russian units also fired rockets at Ukrainian cities from Belarus, including civilian objects.

In early October, Lukashenko announced the creation of a regional grouping of troops in Belarus together with Russia. Russian forces with weapons and other military equipment are present on the territory of this country, and freshly mobilized reservists are being trained.

According to the Ukrainian authorities and military experts, it cannot be ruled out that Russia will make another attempt to attack Ukraine from Belarus using its own forces or together with the Belarusian army.

Source: PAP, Twitter

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