Russian plane close to Poland. Fighters from Malbork were picked up

The presence of the plane from Russia on the border with Poland has not been communicated. For this reason, NATO raised an alarm and dispatched two fighters as per the procedure to determine what was happening. As it turned out, it was nothing serious.

NATO fighters are deployed in Malbork, which is not far from the Kaliningrad Oblast.

The Italian army informed about the sudden start of the fighters. “One more immediate start for the Air Force Eurofighters involved in Air Policing in Poland,” it was written on Twitter.

Italian fighters in Malbork are stationed as part of the Baltic Air Policing, which is an expression of the solidarity of NATO countries with Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, i.e. those countries of the Alliance that do not have their own military aviation. Permanent air policing is a mandatory procedure, so in this case guarding the sky is taken over by the other allies, exchanging after another three-month rotations. Currently, the skies of these three Baltic countries are guarded by fighters from Hungary and Germany, assisted by Italians.

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