Russian offices face sanctions. More employees are fired

Russian and Belarusian offices responsible for the production of computer games are in crisis. This is the result of the sanctions that have been imposed on these markets. More people lose their jobs.

The Russian gaming industry has no immunity from sanctions. About poor condition the wave of layoffs provesthat touched Russian officesand what time we wrote in June. Due to the lack of access to Western technology and components, the authorities are looking to develop domestic counterparts. This crisis takes a stronger form each month.

This time, the sanctions affected workers Belka Games. The company’s headquarters is in Limassol, but it has offices in many countries .. As determined by the service in a conversation with former employees, those who worked in Russia and Belarus have recently suffered especially. The company decided to cut back on staff after that Russian aggressor attacked Ukraine. In August itself more than 50 people were released.

In early spring, during the conference, the management board announced the difficulties that will be faced by people working in the Belarusian office. After February 24, due to the introduction of new sanctions, no one could guarantee that everything would be fine with work in Belarus and Russia. They warned that if there were cuts, it would primarily affect Belarusian and Russian offices. Therefore, employees were offered relocation.

Former employee of Belka Games

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Some of the staff could take advantage of relocationHowever, even this did not prevent the loss of a job. It is interesting that Belka Games has offices in Russia, but it is in vain to look for this information on the official website at the moment; in the past, this information was more prominent. Let us remind you that the raging crisis of the Russian gaming industry does not discourage the authorities, which are interested in creating propaganda projects for “Polish invaders”.

Russian offices of Belka Games
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Russian offices of Belka Games

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