Russian forces in dire straits. “They are trying to negotiate with the Ukrainians”

Natalia Humeniuk in an interview with the Ukrainian Channel24 said that Ukrainian defenders advanced several dozen kilometers deep into the occupied territories.

She added that some units of the Russian army are now ready to negotiate with Ukrainian soldiers. – They are trying to negotiate the terms in which they (the Russians – ed.) Will lay down their arms and will be subject to the auspices of international humanitarian law – she said.

Humeniuk added that in the Russian ranks “there is already such a certain destabilization and demoralization, so deep that even the command realizes that there is nowhere to go.”

Experts assess the Ukrainian counteroffensive

In the latest analysis published on the ISW blog experts emphasize that the fast Ukrainian campaign was well planned and skilfully carried out. Efforts were made to maximize the effectiveness of the weapons systems handed over to Ukraine by the West, such as HIMARS launchers, while distracting Russia with information about a counter-offensive in the south.

“Western weapons systems were necessary, but not sufficient, to ensure Ukraine’s success. The way Ukraine used these systems in a well-designed and well-conducted campaign translated into a remarkable success of counter-offensive operations in the Kharkiv region,” the report said.

Based on a video verified in terms of location, the Institute of the Interior of the Interior reports that Ukrainian forces recaptured the city of Izium in the Kharkiv region from the Russians. This didom the Kremlin’s goals for the current phase of the war to failure, preventing Russia from occupying the entire Donetsk region, experts estimate.

The Russians were stuck in small towns near Bakhmut for many weeks, and after the loss of Izium, even the seizure of this city could not be the basis of any significant offensive. “Further Russian offensive operations against Bakhmut and around Donetsk have thus lost all real operational significance for Moscow and would only be a waste of the extremely limited effective combat force Russia has retained,” it wrote.

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