Russian deputy Alexei Gorinov sentenced for words about the war in Ukraine. He’s calling for help from prison

Sentenced to seven years in a penal colony for words about the war in Ukraine, a deputy to the city council of Moscow, Alexei Gorinov, said that his health was deteriorating and that he needed medical help.

In a letter from the detention center, Moscow city council deputy Alexei Gorinov wrote that for the third week in a row, he has problems with breathing, sleeping and eating due to constant coughing. “My condition is getting worse, I am asking for help” – said the words of the letter on Wednesday, the independent portal Insider.

According to the portal, Gorinov’s defenders believe that he should be quickly taken to the hospital. They intend to turn to the prosecutor’s office.

Gorinov was convicted in July for having defined Russian actions on Ukraine as a war and not – as Russian propaganda wants – a “special military operation”.

Alexei Gorinov, a deputy to the city council of MoscowTwitter / @ LinkeviciusL

First convicted under the new regulations

He was the first person to be convicted of Russia to prison under the provisions on penalties for disseminating “false information” about the activities of the army. This restrictive law was introduced in Russia in March, shortly after the invasion of Ukraine began.

The independent portal “OWD-Info” announced on Wednesday that over 16,400 people were detained in Russia during the six months of the war for anti-war protests – street actions, comments on the Internet or the use of symbols expressing opposition to the war.

Criminal cases were initiated against 224 people, administrative cases against almost 3,800 people.

Main photo source: Twitter / @ LinkeviciusL

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