Russian conspirators caught. They were preparing a surprise for Putin’s birthday

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine and the State Bureau of Investigation unmasked the intelligence network of Russian secret services in Odessa. The group’s task was to conduct subversive activities in the region.

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In the entry on Telegram, SBU lists that the gang dealt with, among others:

  • collecting information about law enforcement officers, pro-Ukrainian activists and members of ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation in the East of Ukraine) in order to create the so-called purges lists in case the Russians manage to capture the region;
  • conducting provocative actions and special disinformation operations about the alleged support of the “Russian Peace” by the people of Odessa;
  • purchasing weapons and necessary goods for a Russian sabotage-reconnaissance group that they planned to let into the city.

According to the SBU, on August 22, the gang conducted a provocative action in Odessa. She did it on the day of the Russian national flag, which they hanged with the inscription “Odessa – Russian city”, and then presented her photos to hostile media.

The next action was to take place on October 7 under the slogan “Happy birthday to Putin”. The conspirators planned to hand over a photo of Odessa with congratulations to the president of the Russian Federation.

This task, as well as the preparation of a “material-military base” for potential DRGs, required significant financial resources. The agents tried to kidnap one of the local pro-Ukrainian businessmen for whom they wanted a ransom.

They intended to keep the man in a drug-induced basement and force him to transfer real estate and other valuables under the threat of physical violence.

However, thanks to the actions of the Security Service, the attackers were arrested during the kidnapping attempt.

(source: Security Service of Ukraine)

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