Russian conscripts complain about the conditions. “Snow Falls Through the Roof” [WIDEO]

Russia is carrying out the “partial mobilization” announced by Vladimir Putin to increase its forces in Ukraine. According to official announcements, 300,000 are to be drafted into the army. people, however, experts estimate that there may be many more conscripts. Mass mobilization caused enormous resistance in the Russians, but many did not manage to avoid it.

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Before new soldiers go to the front, they stay in special camps in which the conditions are dire. One of the videos circulating on social media shows the inside of a dark shed where the conscripts are trying to survive.

The conscripts openly complain about the conditions in which they are forced to stay. – I’m in shock. This is our roof. It’s snowing because of him! – comments the author of the recording.

The recording was published on social media by Anton Heraszczenko, former Deputy Interior Minister of Ukraine.

“It’s a tent in which mobilized Russians from Barnaul live – snow is falling through the ceiling. Friends of the man say that he was there for three days ‘training.’ Their platoon commander is a 27-year-old man who served 7 years ago and worked as a cook before he was mobilized “- explains the politician.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on September 21 a partial mobilization to war with Ukraine and threatened to “use all means” to defend the country from an alleged threat from the West.

According to official reports from the Kremlin, around 300,000 people are to be put under arms. reservists, but according to the independent portal Meduza, mobilization may involve up to 1.2 million men, mainly from outside large cities.

Following the decision of the head of state, tens of thousands of Russians are trying to avoid being drafted into the army and leave the country. People fleeing service in the army try to get through, among others to Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Georgia and Finland. However, many men, mainly from distant, often poor regions of Russia, have little chance of avoiding being drafted into Putin’s army.

(sources: Anton Heraszczenko, Nexta, PAP)

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