Russia. Vladimir Putin’s propaganda “ride” on the Crimean Bridge, recording

Russia.  Vladimir Putin’s propaganda “ride” on the Crimean Bridge, recording

Russia. Vladimir Putin’s propaganda “ride” on the Crimean Bridge, recording

The Kremlin’s press service reported that President Vladimir Putin visited the Crimean Bridge, destroyed after a Ukrainian attack in October. The leader sat behind the wheel of the Mercedes. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, when asked why Putin chose such a car, explained that “it was in place”.

The Kremlin’s press service, as well as Russian propaganda agencies, published a recording to prove that Vladimir Putin visited the Crimean bridge, connecting Russia with an annexed peninsula. The president was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Chusnullin, who was responsible for repairing the bridge.


In early October, there was an incident on the bridge explosionas a result of which the car part of this route, important for the transfer of troops and supplies to the Russian forces attacking the south, was damaged Ukraine. Russia accused the Ukrainian special services of this “act of diversion”.

Vladimir Putin crosses the Crimean Bridge behind the wheel of a Mercedes Reuters

Peskov explains the choice of the car

The RIA Novosti news agency reported in a telegram that Putin was driving along the renovated roadway of the bridge at a speed of 60-80 kilometers per hour, listening to the Russian commercial radio station Europa Plus while driving.

According to reports, Putin spoke with workers employed to repair the bridge, and ordered the left part of the road crossing to be brought to “perfect condition”. He also called for the shortening of the time for the launch of the railway on the bridge.

“This is the first appearance of Putin so close to the war zone since the start of the military invasion of Ukraine,” the BBC’s Russia section reported.

Putin inspects the site of the explosion on the Crimean bridge SPUTNIK POOL/PAP/EPA

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskovwhen asked why Putin chose a Mercedes to drive on the bridge, and not, for example, the presidential domestic Aurus, he replied that “such a car was just right.”

Crimean BridgePAP – Maciej Zieliński, Maria Samczuk

Main photo source: Reuters

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