Russia – Ukraine war. Live broadcast – September 28, 2022

The Russian authorities may try to reformulate it into “anti-terrorist operation” the invasion and occupation of Ukrainian territories that Moscow intends to annex soon, assesses the US Institute for War Studies (ISW).

The American center forecasts that the annexation of the occupied Ukrainian territories will be announced on September 30. As he indicates, information was published in the pro-Kremlin Russian media that the illegally occupied territories of Ukraine will be part of the newly established “Crimean Federal District”. According to these reports, it would be headed by the former head of the Russian space agency Dmitry Rogozin.

“The illegal annexation of the occupied Ukrainian territories will require the establishment of new bureaucracies, the creation of which will be difficult for the Russian authorities. This will probably exacerbate bureaucratic conflicts and tensions between officials of the occupation authorities in the annexed Ukrainian territories,” analysts estimate.

The ISW also points out that during the ongoing mobilization in Russia, men mobilized in the Western Military District are sent to the front in the Kharkiv (in the north-east of Ukraine) and Kherson (in the south) oblasts without prior preparation. “Mobilized people who have undergone one- or two-day training will not significantly strengthen the Ukrainian positions, which are the target of the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south and east,” says the American think tank.

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