Russia – Ukraine war. Live broadcast – September 21, 2022

Russia’s annexation plans with regard to the occupied territories of Ukraine are aimed primarily at domestic recipients. Putin hopes to increase the possibilities of creating voluntary troops by using the argument about “defending” the new lands, he believes American Institute for War Research (ISW).

“The Kremlin wants to use the falsified results of illegal ‘referenda’ to annex a part of Ukraine and recognize it as part of Russian territory,” writes the latest ISW report.

The ISW also estimates that Putin sees the annexation as an opportunity to stop the Ukrainian counteroffensive. “Ukrainian attempts to liberate the occupied territories will be presented as attacks on Russia,” assessed the Institute of Foreign Affairs.

According to the ISW, Putin and his entourage realized that the forces currently at Russia’s disposal are not sufficient to conquer Ukraine, and the previous attempts to gain new forces to fight through voluntary mobilization have not brought sufficient results.

On the one hand, the Kremlin hopes that, in view of the annexation, the number of volunteers in Russia will increase to “defend” the new lands – the “people’s republics”. On the other hand, in Russia a law is passed which increases the penalties for desertion, failure to appear for conscription, or failure to comply with the commander’s order. For surrender, you will be sent to prison for 10 years.

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