Russia suspends mobilization. Analysts point out one “but”

Russia suspends mobilization. Analysts point out one “but”

“All activities related to the recruitment of reservists to military service by military offices and regional self-governments have been suspended. Currently, the preparation and issuance of military summons has been suspended,” the Russian ministry said.

Completion reports partial mobilization to be submitted by November 1, and instructions have been sent to the military commanders of the military districts and the fleet commander.

The buildings that were used for mobilization activities will now be used for their previous purposes, and the military conscription offices will return to their routine duties, the ministry said. In addition, recruiting offices will only recruit volunteers and contract soldiers.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told Vladimir Putin on October 28 that partial mobilizationwhich began on September 21 is coming to an end. Szojgu explained that 300,000 people were called to the army. people.

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The Kremlin does not answer the question of when the Russian mobilization will officially end, the independent television station Nastoyashchey Vreemia reported on Monday. Experts believe that the mobilization cannot be officially completed without a presidential decree.

Analysts, including those from the Conflict Intelligence Team investigative project, are skeptical about the Russian announcements and do not consider them final and binding. They point out that the so-called partial mobilization (which in many places took the form of manhunts and round-ups) was introduced by a decree (which did not contain data on numbers or dates) and therefore, in order to officially end, a relevant decree should also be issued.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, when asked about it on Monday, said that there was no official document and that if there would be, journalists would be informed about it. When asked whether it was possible to continue the mobilization due to the lack of this document, he replied that one should follow what the Minister of Defense said.

Commentators estimate that due to the commencement of the planned autumn conscription campaign on November 1, mobilization may be temporarily suspended and then resumed.

Source: TASS, PAP

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