Russia, protests after the announcement of partial mobilization. Summons to the front for protesters

Following the announcement of partial mobilization by Vladimir Putin, demonstrations of opposition took place in many cities in Russia. The police intervened and over 1,300 people were arrested throughout the country. According to the non-governmental organization OWD-Info, participants of the protests were handed summons to the army. Some of the potential “conscripts” are trying to leave the country so as not to answer the mobilization summons, the independent Russian media reported.

Vladimir Putin He assured that only reservists and people who had served in the army would be mobilized for the war, but – as the Russian Meduza website points out – the decree on “partial” mobilization is so imprecise that it is difficult to indicate exactly who can be summoned to the army.

According to the head of the organization human rights Agora, Paweł Czikow’s lawyer, will be mobilized in the first place by those who, after completing their compulsory service, signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense to remain in the reserve resources. In this case, it is about men up to 50 years of age. The next in line will – according to Chikov – almost all holders of military books, i.e. those who passed the military qualification – also people who were not in the army.

“Theoretically, millions of Russians can be mobilized within this group”

“Since the decree did not specify that the required experience of participation in combat operations or even service in the army, theoretically, millions of Russians could be mobilized within this group. service, they are specialists needed by the army or have combat experience “- recalled Meduza. It concerns mainly privates and non-commissioned officers up to 35 years old and younger officers – up to 50 years old.

Experts and the media assessed that “partial mobilization it is only by name. “There is a lot of information in social media about the fact that” everyone like it “is being called.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu they announced that all conscripts would undergo appropriate training. Meanwhile, according to reports from the opposition media, for example in the Kursk region, a representative of the replenishment command announced that people who were in the army and are less than 30 years old will go to the front right away, without additional preparation. Information about the announcement of a ban on leaving the place of residence for reservists is coming from some Russian regions.

Russia. Protest against partial mobilizationEPA / ANATOLY MALTSEV

Penalty for participating in protests? A call to the front

Putin announces partial mobilization sparked protests in Russiain which over 1,300 people were detained. The OWD-Info portal also informed that participants of the protests were given summons to the army directly at police stations. Theoretically, as Meduza writes, a summons to the army can only be given in the place of residence, work or study. In practice, however, it can happen anywhere. A document is deemed to have been served when its addressee personally signs it.

Therefore, many Russians are trying to use the only sure way to avoid mobilization, which is to leave the country. It seems that, at least in the case of air transport, this has become impossible. Only a few hours after Putin’s speech, the tickets were sold out and the last pieces reached sky-high prices.

There have been detailed guides on the internet which countries can be reached by air because of sanctions imposed on Russia their number has been severely limited. The most important directions are Turkey and Armenia.

The media also reported on increased traffic on Russia’s land borders, including from Finland, and about traffic jams at the border with Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. On Wednesday, Belarusian media reported, the Russians bought all plane tickets and almost all seats on trains to Minsk.

Main photo source: EPA / ANATOLY MALTSEV

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