Russia. Petersburg councilors wanted Putin to be accused of high treason. They were called to the police

Seven councilors from St. Petersburg who supported the accusation of Russian President Vladimir Putin of high treason in connection with the armed attack on Ukraine, have been summoned to the police, the independent Russian mediazona portal reported. As he added, they were interrogated on charges of “discrediting the Russian army”.

Seven councilors were summoned to the police, and five of them were drafted protocols for “discrediting the army” in connection with their social media entries about the proposal they made to the State Duma on Wednesday, Mediazona reported. report: RUSSIA’S ATTACK ON UKRAINE

As the independent portal Insider wrote on Thursday, a group of councilors from St. Petersburg intended to address the State Duma Russia (the lower house of parliament) with a proposal to indict the president Vladimir Putin for high treason.

St. Petersburg streets ANATOLY MALTSEV / PAP / EPA

The councilors emphasized that, according to the constitution, the president may be removed from power if the State Duma accuses him of state treason or other serious crimes. According to them, the actions of Vladimir Putin from the beginning of the war may be considered grounds for accusing him of treason. It was noted that the president’s decision to attack Ukraine “it harms the security of Russia and its citizens.”

According to the St. Petersburg councilors, during the war “young and able-bodied” citizens of Russia are dying, the Russian economy is shrinking, FOR THIS expands to the east, and Ukraine receives new weapons, although Putin – as they recalled – called “demilitarization” of this country one of the goals of the military invasion.

Main photo source: ANATOLY MALTSEV / PAP / EPA

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