Russia on fire and smoke. Firefighters are losing out to the element [WIDEO]

“Fire fighting in the Ryazan region lasts around the clock. The operational staff continues to work. Over 9,200 people and 1.7 thousand vehicles have been involved in extinguishing the fire. 17 aircraft are involved in extinguishing the fire. […] In total, the air force made 2,000. 409 airdrops and dropped 15 thousand. 253 tons of water “- we read in a statement from the Russian ministry.

Forests are burning not only in the Ryazan region. Firefighters are fighting fire in the Central and Volga region. The Ministry of Emergency Situations admits that “the situation with forest fires remains difficult in many regions of the Russian Federation”. According to departmental statistics from August 22, there are 101 fires in 18 regions of Russia. A state of emergency is in force in some parts of the country and villagers are evacuated.

Some of the fires Russia is fighting are related to drought and heat, others are related to human activity, such as burning grasses. The portal writes that usually gigantic taiga fires are extinguished by military aviation, but this year the army is not helping to fight the elements, because it is involved in hostilities in Ukraine.


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