Russia, mobilization. Russians flee to Georgia. “Fakty” TVN reporter’s report from the border crossing

TVN reporter Katarzyna Górniak went to the Russian-Georgian border crossing in Kazbegi. The Russians who are fleeing the country before mobilization are gathering there.

Following last week’s announcement by Vladimir Putin “Partial” mobilization, the Russians reluctant to serve in the army began to leave the country en masse. According to the website “Novaya Gazeta.Jewropa”, citing sources in the administration of the Russian president, over 260,000 men fled in five days.

She became one of the main directions of escape Georgiawhich has not introduced additional restrictions for Russians so far, they can still enter there without a visa. At the border crossing in Kazbegi, Katarzyna Górniak, a reporter from “Fakty” TVN, is present. On Friday, she joined the TVN24 studio and reported on the situation on the border.

Russians on the border with Georgia PAP / EPA / ZURAB KURTSIKIDZE

Russians returned home

On the Russian side – she informed – a mobilization point is already being established, which will catch Russians with summons to the army and return them to the country.

Górniak also talked about her conversation with one of the Russians who managed to cross the border with Georgia. He revealed that the trip – including the numerous bribes he had to give to the officers – amounted to 15,000 zlotys.

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