Russia. Masha Makarova: War has come to every home in Russia, there is panic

There is panic in Russia and this is shown very well by the queues at all border crossings through which it is now possible to leave Russia. Georgia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Finland. There are kilometer long queues of cars everywhere – said Russian journalist Masha Makarova in “Piasecki’s Interview”. She referred to the partial mobilization in Russia announced by Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russiawhich already started on Wednesday. It is to cover reservists, i.e. people who have already completed military service, but are to undergo additional training before being sent to the front. Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu informed that the mobilization would involve 300,000 people. Protests against Putin’s decision took place in Russian cities on Wednesday.

Russian journalist Masha Makarova said on Thursday in “Piasecki’s Interview” that “it was clear that the moods in yesterday’s Russia after this Putin’s announcement and (the announcement – ed.) of mobilization are completely different. “There is panic in Russia, and this is very well demonstrated by the queues at all border crossings through which it is now possible to leave Russia.” GeorgiaMongolia, Kazakhstan, Finland. There are now kilometers long queues of cars everywhere – she said.

She added that the Russians bought air tickets for all airlines to visa-free countries for the next few days on Wednesday morning.

Makarova: Putin wants to flood Ukraine with Russian blood

When asked if those who fled showed a shallow enthusiasm for war, she replied that “yes, because now the war has come to virtually every home in Russia.” “Nobody knows who will be drafted,” she added.

The journalist said that in Putin’s ordinance on mobilization, which she “calls partial and which is not partial, it is totally indefinite and virtually anyone can be called up to join this army in turn.”

Referring to the number of 300,000 Shoigu was talking about, Makarova said that this number is not included in the regulation at all.

– One point, the seventh, has been kept secret in this regulation. As explained yesterday in the Ministry of Defense, it is about the number of those called up – said Makarowa. She added that “it is not worth trusting” what Shoigu said on this point, because “all this war, which is not called war, is called a special operation, is one big lie.”

– Vladimir Putin wants to flood Ukraine Russian blood. Those people who will be drafted into the army are cannon fodder. This is the meat that will die for Vladimir Putin’s sick visions about Ukraine and what the world is supposed to look like, the journalist said.

“Putin is capable of anything to stay in power”

When asked whether the fact that Putin had to decide on this conscription was an admission to defeat in this war, she replied: – of course it is, because the counteroffensive certainly made a great impression on the Kremlin.

Makarova assessed that Putin “has crossed another red line and it shows well that there are no boundaries.” She added that “Vladimir Putin is capable of anything to stay in power.” – This is his greatest goal to destroy Ukraine and maintain power in Russia. And every tool, every measure is good – she assessed.

The Russians took to the streets after Putin’s decision Reuters

Makarova was asked to what extent the mass attempts to leave Russia illustrated Russia’s mood towards this war.

– I suspect that those who are leaving Russia now, they rather belonged to this indifferent group. Sociology talked about the fact that there is a group that supports this war, but this group is already terribly offended by Vladimir Putin, because he exchanged the Azovians for 55 Russian soldiers, about whom we do not know anything. Probably it is Kadyrov’s people plus Wiktor Medvedczuk. And there is a group that does not support (war – ed.) And that opposes openly, as we saw yesterday on the streets of 36 cities in Russia – said the journalist.

She added that “There is a large group of indifferent people who, in the polls, were probably in the group that said: yes, we support Vladimir Putin, special operation, do what you want.” “They’re on these borders now,” she said.

– I spoke three weeks ago with Lw Gutkow, who conducted the latest research that is up-to-date. 76 percent of Russians said they supported the war, a special operation, but when I asked Gutkov if it was support from the couch, he said yes and that there is a very small group of Russians who really want to go to the front – said the journalist.

Makarov on the public mood in Russia after the announcement of partial mobilization

Makarov on the public mood in Russia after the announcement of partial mobilization TVN24

Makarov: Ukraine should be supported, but also Russia should not be forgotten

Makarova was asked to what extent, as a person who has the courage to say aloud that she is against war, Putin, she feels lonely today in the context of what is happening in her country.

– I love Russia very much, I would like to tie my future with Russia – she said.

She admitted that it was hard for her. – There was a great picture that shows a Russian who opposes the war and some people say to him: you are Russian, so you support Putin, and Russian propaganda says: you are a traitor, Ukrainians say: you are simply Russian. And you are alone in it. You are terribly ashamed of what your country is doing, you do not support it, and this war is told on your behalf and that it is Putin, not the Russian soldiers, whom you may have passed on the street in Moscow, who are now killing Ukrainians – she said.

– It is a terrible powerlessness, but on the other hand, probably most of us, those who oppose the war and believe that this war will end, we wish Ukraine and Ukrainian soldiers victory in this war with all our hearts, we believe that we should do this what we can do right now. Ukraine should be supported, but also Russia should not be forgotten, she added.

Makarova said that for her Ukraine’s support “does not mean that she should delete all Russians and that she should not believe that a real, democratic Russia, Russia as it would like to see it, is possible.”

– I also have to face the fact that I may not see my parents who are in Russia. At the moment, most of us who work abroad for Russia speak Russian about the war, we cannot return to Russia – she added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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