“Russia is killing Ukrainians with whole families.” A shocking entry and this is a PHOTO …

“Russia is killing Ukrainians with whole families. Izium. Olesia, 6 years old. Killed by Russian terrorists. Her parents are buried nearby, ”wrote Jermak in Telegram, publishing photos of the graves in the forest near Izium.

According to Ukrainian media reports, this is not a complete list of the victims of this family, and other relatives were also said to have died during the bombing.

Photo of graves from Iziumu / Telegram

Mass graves near Izium

Thursday Ukrainian authorities informed about found under Izium the place where they were buried – as she later announced Police – at least 445 people.

Some graves are signed, others – numbered. Ukrainian media reported that it is there too mass grave of Ukrainian soldiers. The bodies are being exhumed to determine the causes of death for all the dead. Some of them have traces of torture, bodies with their hands tied.

Russian crime

According to the Ukrainian authorities the number of victims of the Russian crimes in Izium may turn out to be larger than in Bucza and other towns near Kijev, which have so far been the most terrible symbol of the aggressor’s war crimes Ukraine. It is about those crimes that were confirmed after the liberation of the territories. It is still impossible to determine the number of victims, incl. from Mariupol and Wołnowachy still under occupation.

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