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The story of Mariana Mamonowa was publicized BBC. The station’s journalists managed to reach the woman’s husband, who has been in Russian captivity in Olenivka controlled by the occupiers since the beginning of April.

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The war in Ukraine. The Russians are holding a Ukrainian medic in the camp. The woman is nine months pregnant

Mariana served on the front of St. Mariupol as a military medic. One day a woman sent a message to her husband – Vasyl – in which she revealed that she was pregnant. – She really wanted to tell me this in person but sent little clues instead – mother, father and baby emoji baby the man told a BBC journalist. A few weeks later, the man found out that Mariana had been captured by the Russians. The family recognized the woman in the photos provided by the services.

One of the women who had been freed from captivity told the family about what happened to Mariana. As it turned out, the medic first ended up in a cell with 20 people and had to sleep on the floor. – When she told us she was in pregnancyeveryone tried to help her immediately, gave her food and made sure that she had fresh air – said Anna Woroszewa, who left the camp in July.

Mariana was to be moved to a room with fewer prisoners, where she could rest on one of the two beds. The woman initially hoped to be released as part of a prisoner exchange. Unfortunately this did not happen. Mariana is already in the ninth month of pregnancy, and the delivery date is at the end of September.

Mammon’s husband is concerned about his wife’s condition and what will happen to the child if she is born in slavery. Voroszewa added that there was no health unit in the vicinity of the camp, and the prisoners could not count on medical care. As she admitted, Mariana was afraid that the Russians might take her child away.

The BBC contacted Ministry of Defense Russia and the separatist authorities in the Donetsk region. None of these institutions, however, wanted to answer the question of the Ukrainian woman’s health or what would happen to her child.

The deputy head of the Ukrainian military intelligence assured him that Mariana’s case was a priority for him. – There is definitely hope that this matter will be resolved. I cannot say when we last spoke to her, but the case is being closely followed, formally and informally, said Andriy Yusov.

– There must be some human understanding here. Mother and her children are holy everywhere. Let them free her. As human beings, let her go – Marian’s husband appealed to the Russians.

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