Russia. Insider Portal. The Russians are fleeing mobilization, a long queue of cars on the border with Georgia

The independent Russian portal The Insider informed about a multi-kilometer queue of cars on the Russian border with Georgia. Georgian journalists report that an armored personnel carrier with Russian troops was dispatched to the Verkhniy Lars crossing in North Ossetia. These reports were confirmed by the Federal Security Service.

Insider, citing his own sources, wrote that a multi-kilometer long queue of cars has formed on the Russian-Georgian border, there is chaos on the spot and there are numerous arguments. report: RUSSIA’S ATTACK ON UKRAINE

The independent portal also published a video of the crossing in the village of Verkhniy Lars in North Ossetia. It shows a long line of cars, arranged in several rows on the access road to the border. The recording also shows that some people try to circumvent the traffic jam on bicycles or scooters.

“At the Wierchnij Łars crossing, the day after Putin announced the so-called partial mobilization, a traffic jam of many kilometers was created. On Monday (September 26) it was reported that the traffic jam in this place is already 30 kilometers long, there are over 3,000 cars the waiting time for crossing both borders is about 48 hours, “wrote Insider, adding that” there are arguments in the line from time to time. ” In another publication, the portal reported, referring to the entries of Georgian journalists, that an armored personnel carrier with Russian soldiers was sent near the Wierchnij Łars crossing.

In an interview with the Russian RBK portal, the Federal Security Service (FSB) confirmed these reports.

“An APC is going there, but not to set up a checkpoint, it’s a reserve in case the reservists want to break through the checkpoint and leave the country without completing any border formalities. Just for that purpose. No checkpoints will be set up. The checkpoint operates as usual, no restrictions have been introduced on the departure of male citizens of recruiting age, “the FSB border management in North Ossetia said in a press release.

Queue at the Wierchnij Łars crossing Vano SHLAMOV / AFP / EastNews

3.5 thousand cars in line

The deputy head of the regional government of North Ossetia, Irbek Tomayev, said on Monday afternoon that around 3,500 passenger cars were waiting to enter Georgia at the border crossing in Wierchnij Łars.

At a meeting of the regional authorities, Tomayev announced that the number of cars going towards Georgia had increased significantly in the past few days. Overall, on the Wierchnij Łars crossing, last week’s round-trip traffic increased by 23 percent compared to the previous week.

The Kremlin spokesman calms down

On Monday, a spokesman for the Kremlin Dmitry Peskovwhen asked about the possible closure of Russian borders due to the announced mobilization, he stated that “no decisions have been taken”.

Also on Monday, senator from the annexed Crimea, Sergei Tsekov, proposed a ban on traveling abroad “to anyone who is of draft age”. As he assessed, leaving the country may be allowed only for health reasons, as well as for people who are not fit for military service.

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Main photo source: Vano SHLAMOV / AFP / EastNews

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