Russia. Defeats of Russians in eastern Ukraine and criticism in the pro-Kremlin media

The liberation of large areas of eastern Ukraine, mainly around Kharkiv, “is the greatest success of the Ukrainian army since the recapture of the northern part of the country,” said Wojciech Konończuk, deputy director of the Center for Eastern Studies, in an interview with TVN24. He pointed out that the tension over the failures is felt in Moscow, where even the Kremlin-controlled media talks loudly about the problems.

For several days, the Ukrainian army has been conducting successful offensive actions in the east of the country, mainly in the Kharkiv Oblast, thanks to which it liberates more towns from Russian occupation.

On TVN24, Konończuk assessed the progress of the Ukrainian army in the Kharkiv Oblast as “the greatest success of the Ukrainian army since the conquest of the northern part of the country” at the turn of April and May.

As he said, the displacement of the Russians is also a response to the great expectations of Ukrainian society that wants progress on the front. The expert of the Center for Eastern Studies noted that the Kherson Oblast was the more expected direction of the attack.

The propaganda in Moscow is exerting pressure

As the OSW deputy director explained, the Russians were surprised by the effectiveness of the Ukrainian attack and now they want to somehow cover up their “sham”. They are trying to do this by missile attacks on Ukrainian power networks, he stressed. Konończuk added that the Russian army in the Kharkiv region is not capable of an effective counterattack at the moment.

Speaking of what the atmosphere is at in Russiaexplained that the end of the regime Vladimir Putin it is not close, but the situation at the front makes Moscow feel tense. – We can see it by following the Russian propaganda. Even on Kremlin-controlled TV shows today, we can see that some of these famous commentators openly, publicly, express their dissatisfaction with the fact that the Russian army has been ousted. There are even expectations that a series of resignations will take place. The Kremlin itself and the defense ministry, on the other hand, are trying to pretend that nothing happened. They even claim that this is a planned withdrawal, a regrouping of Russian forces and that they have moved to better positions, the expert emphasized.

Even commentators reporting to the Kremlin have criticized the actions of the Russian army. Expert judges TVN24

The situation is different in the Kherson region

He also said that it has been seen “for a long time that the Russians have a problem with military strength.” – According to the Russians, about 250,000 soldiers have been involved in the entire military operation since its inception. This, as it turns out, is definitely too little to continue taking the Ukrainian territory, he stressed.

He also described the situation in the south Ukraine, in the Kherson region. He said that the Russians had “three lines of defense” there, although the first one turned out to be quite weak. So now Ukrainians will want to “follow success” in the East and “finish what they started”, but – as he stressed – they need much more military equipment than they currently have.

At the same time, the morale of the Ukrainians far outweighs the Russians. “Russian morale has never been strong, either at the level of the armed forces or at the level of society,” Konończuk said, noting that the materials intercepted by Ukrainians show that Russian soldiers do not know why exactly they are in Ukraine and what ideas they are fighting for.

They are also tired, often do not receive their pay on time – he added.

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