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Daria Dugina, the 29-year-old daughter of a pro-Kremlin ideologist, died in a car explosion on a road near Moscow. Her extreme right-wing and chauvinist views were reflected in the publications and interviews she gave to the Russian propaganda media. “Russia is an island of freedom”, and “fascism has subjugated the whole West to itself,” she claimed, among others. Separatists in Donbas accused “Ukrainian subversives” of the attack on her. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine denies this. The Investigative Committee of Russia stated that the murder of Dugina was planned, but did not indicate the version that blamed the Ukrainian side.

Daria Dugina was not only the daughter of a pro-Kremlin ideologist, she was also a supporter of her father’s philosophy and a political scientist – the independent Russian portal Meduza wrote about her. He recalled that she had given numerous interviews to Russian propaganda media. In them she claimed that “Russia is an island of freedom” and that “fascism has subjugated the whole West”. report: RUSSIA’S ATTACK ON UKRAINE

“Everyone thinks that totalitarianism is the past – fascism and communism have been ruined, and with them totalitarianism, but in fact it is not. Fascism has subjugated the whole West, the whole Europe. There is a liberal dictatorship” – said Daria Dugina in an interview with the portal Vespa, where she was introduced as one of the “most vivid and interesting representatives of the modern national conservative movement in Russia”.

“The nations of Europe perceive Russia as an island of freedom, as an anti-totalitarian front,” argued the daughter of the pro-Kremlin ideologist Alexander Dugin.

Car explosion near Moscow. The daughter of Alexander Dugin, the Kremlin’s chief ideologist, was killed

Daria Dugina Tsargrad Tv

A supporter of extreme right-wing European movements

Meduza portal recalled that Dugina collaborated with many nationalist media in Russia, where she signed her philosophical analyzes under the pseudonym Daria Platonova.

Dugina was also a correspondent for the Internet television portal Cargrad (with which her father was also linked) in France, where she completed a research internship (2012-2013) and, as she herself claimed, “made contact with a number of national-Bolshevik movements”. She ran her own program “The Great Awakening” on the website of the Russian news agency Aurora, where she published analyzes criticizing the publications of the Western press.

Alexander DuginMOSCOW NEWS AGENCY / Reuters / Forum

Daria Dugina was very interested in the European “new right”, whom she had predicted victory over the liberals. She actively supported the leader of the nationalist party of the People’s Front, Marine Le Pen, during the presidential elections in France in 2017 and 2022, recalled Meduza.

Daria Dugina is dead. “This murder will only make Dugin’s myth stronger.”

Investigators at the site of the car explosion in which Daria Dugina was killedRUSSIAN INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEE / PAP / EPA

Before and after the military invasion of Ukraine

In November 2021, on the program of the state television Pervy KanaƂ, devoted to “hysteria over the transfer of Russian troops to the border with Ukraine”, Dugina called Ukraine “a sanitary cordon separating Russia from Europe”.

In the first days of Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine, Dugina wrote on the Telegram channel: “Questions to Macron. Where have you been for the last five years? What were your attempts to calm the situation in the region (apart from advertising formulas)? What have you done for the civilians of Donbas living under fire? ? Thread”.

In the next entry she stated: “How symbolic – the army of the Lugansk People’s Republic took the village of Sczastia (Happiness). Happiness in the Empire. The unification of Russia with Happiness.”

In June this year, Dugina even went to Donbas. Among other things, she visited the basement of the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol, where the soldiers of the Azov regiment were defending themselves. On the “Obyknowiennyj Carizm” (Normal Carizm) channel she said in one of the portals: “The Azovstal Underground is a great place for black rituals. There are metal sheets left there that (vibrate) and create beautiful music. they described her “.

"Dugina was a Russian propagandist associated with the Russian authorities"

“Dugina was a Russian propagandist, connected with the Russian authorities”

Return from the Tradycja festival

Daria, 29, graduated in philosophy from Moscow State University. She graduated from the university in 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea. Students told about her that she was one of the “most talented and smartest students”. Her doctoral thesis was devoted to “the interpretation of the political philosophy of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato in the commentaries of Proclus Diadoch,” wrote Meduza.

Dugina’s friends recalled that “she tried to flee the house several times, but she failed”.

Dugina died on Saturday night near Moscow, when her car exploded on the road. Russian media reported that she was with her father at the Tradycja festival, where Alexander Dugin gave a speech. According to reports, her father changed his mind and did not get into the car with her, which later exploded.

Pro-Russian separatists in the Donbas announced that “the attack on Dugina is the work of Ukrainian saboteurs.” The authorities in Kiev vehemently denied that “Ukraine is not a terrorist state.”

The Investigative Committee of Russia said in a statement on Sunday that “the murder of Dugina was planned”, but it did not officially state that the Ukrainian side was guilty., Interfax,

Main photo source: Reuters TV / Tsargrad TV

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