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The explosion of the car, the off-road Toyota, which was driven by Daria Dugina, took place on Saturday around 21: 30 local time, near the city of Odincovo, 20 kilometers west of Moscow. The woman was killed instantly.

Russia. Alexander Dugin’s daughter died in a car explosion

The photo shared on social media shows Alexander Dugin standing at the scene of the accident. According to eyewitness reports, pieces of the car were scattered along the road and the car burst into flames before it crashed into the fence.

The emergency services at the scene reported that only one person was traveling in the Toyota who died on the spot. Daria Dugina was to return from the “Tradycja” festival. Andrei Krasnov, a friend of Dugina’s, confirmed the reports in an interview with Russian news agency Tass.

“It was my father’s vehicle. Daria drove a different car, but today she took his car, while Alexander took a different route. He came back, he was at the scene of the tragedy. As far as I understand, Alexander or maybe both of them were the target,” Krasnov said.

Aleksandr Dugin, the Kremlin’s chief ideologist

Aleksandr Dugin is called “the brain.” Putin” and is considered one of Vladimir Putin’s main advisers. The Kremlin ideologist has been talking for years about the destruction of Ukraine, which he presented in his ideological concept as anti-Russia. As he claimed, Moscow should start building “the Eurasian empire from Dublin to Vladivostok”, starting with the occupation of Ukraine. republics Soviet and former socialist bloc countries. In this way, according to Dugin, Russia would become an alternative to the declining West. Moreover, in his words, Poland is a fictional country financed by USA.

Daria Dugina was also a supporter of the Eurasianist ideology promoted by her father. As reminds us, Dugina recently entered the British sanctions list for helping her father spread his preached ideology.

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