Russia blocked a UN resolution condemning the annexation of Ukraine

The four countries that abstained are China, Brazil, India and Gabon. Ten countries supported the resolution, but it was rejected due to Russia’s veto right.

On Thursday, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres spoke in favor of condemning Russia’s actions, saying that “referenda in Ukraine have no legal value and deserve condemnation.”

“This lonely hand raised against the motion for a resolution has once again testified to Russia’s isolation and desperate attempts to deny reality,” commented Ukraine’s ambassador Serhiy Kyshetsy at the Council. “Putin’s envoy has followed in the footsteps of his master in Moscow, who organized a puppet theater today to deny the obvious: that the aggressive and rowdy regime is heading towards imminent defeat,” he added.

Representatives of China, India and Gabon expressed concern about the development of the situation in Ukraine, but called for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. The Brazilian official complained that the United States had been rushing to vote on the bill, not allowing time to consult the capitals.

“What was carried out in a hurry was Russia’s illegal actions to annex Ukrainian territory,” said US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield. – As the Council, we had to react. The entire existence of the Security Council serves exactly this: defending sovereignty, territorial integrity, promoting peace and security. The United Nations was built on the idea that never again a country will be allowed to occupy another’s territory by force. This path leads to the most terrifying results we know from history, she added.

Due to the new mechanism introduced this year, as a result of Russia’s veto, the resolution will be discussed by the UN General Assembly.

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