Russia. Alexei Navalny loses his privileges as a lawyer. “He continues to engage in his criminal activities”

The administration of the maximum security penal colony, where the current sentence is being held by the well-known Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny, has denied him the right to confidential correspondence with a lawyer. This means that employees of the Federal Prison Service will read all the documents that the Kremlin critic receives from or passes on to his defense lawyers.

The information was published on Thursday on Alexei Navalny’s Instagram, edited by his associates. The Kremlin critic said that the decision in his case was made in connection with allegations that “he continues to engage in his criminal activities and commits crimes directly in places of deprivation of liberty.”

Three-day control

Navalny heard from the management of the high-security penal colony in Mieliechów (Volodymyr Oblast) that “he communicated with his associates through lawyers, and therefore loses the privilege of attorney-client.” The administration informed him that his documents would be read “for three days after his arrival and before shipping from the colony.”

Alexei Navalny is serving a nine-year prison sentence Sergei Fadeichev / TASS / FORUM

Navalny said he was unable to hand over the documentation to the lawyers who visit him in the colony. It can only communicate with them through a double plastic glass with a lattice inside.

“To be honest, communication is more like pantomime. Works great. Now, if my lawyer wants to agree on the contents of the colony complaint with me, he has to hand it over to the colony itself, the colony is to hand it over to me in three days, and then there is a three-day return trip with my very conveniently “- wrote on Instagram Navalny.

Convicted of alleged embezzlement

Navalny was transported to the penal colony number 6 in Mieliechów in mid-June. Before that, he was serving a 2.5-year prison sentence in an ordinary security penal colony in Pokrov in the Volodymyr region. He was convicted of alleged financial fraud. The sentence was hung up in February 2021 after the opposition activist returned from Berlin, where he was treated after an attempted poisoning with a chemical agent such as noviczok.

The Kremlin critic was sent to Mielechiv after he was sentenced to nine years in prison for allegedly embezzling funds collected on organizations established by an opposition activist, as well as for “contempt of court”.

Career stays

In the penal colony in Mieliechów, Navalny was sent to a penitentiary several times. The independent portal Meduza recalled that since August 12, the Kremlin critic has been in a punishment cell almost all the time. “He was placed there, among other things, because he unfastened a button, slowly carried out the escort’s order and introduced himself incorrectly. Navalny was also considered a ‘malicious criminal’ in the colony, which would make him see his family less often” – wrote Meduza.

“If you were curious what the penalty cell in which looks like Alexey Navalny he will spend the next 15 days (he was sent there for the fourth time in a row), wrote the spokeswoman of the opposition activist Kira Jarmysz.

Main photo source: Sergei Fadeichev / TASS / FORUM

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