Russia admits defeat in Ukraine for the first time

In the latest analysis by the TI, he notes that Kremlin representatives and state propaganda media are intensely discussing the causes of the Russian defeat in Kharkiv Oblast, which is a change from previous behavior of presenting exaggerated and fictitious Russian successes.

As the think tank reminds us, before that, Moscow did not admit defeat, either after the withdrawal from Kiev or in the country Snake Islandarguing that the retreat from the capital was related to the decision to “liberate” Donbas as a priority and leaving the Snake Island “by a gesture of goodwill”.

“The Russian Ministry of Defense originally offered a similar explanation for the Kharkiv defeat, claiming that Russian forces were withdrawing troops from Kharkiv Oblast to regroup, but this false narrative was met with quick and loud criticism on the web,” ISW writes.

“The Kremlin’s admission of defeat is part of an effort to soften and remove criticism for such a devastating defeat from the President of Russia Vladimir Putinand transfer it to the Russian Ministry of National Defense and the military command “- experts estimate.

“The Kremlin’s admission to defeat in the Kharkiv region shows that Putin is able to admit and even accept the Russian defeat, at least under certain circumstances, and focus on removing the blame from himself,” they add.

“Russia will achieve the goals of its special military operation in Ukraine,” said a Kremlin spokesman when asked if Vladimir Putin trusts his commanders. This is the Kremlin’s first comment on the success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Peskov, however, declined to answer questions about a possible mobilization, saying such issues should be referred to the country’s defense ministry. The spokesman assured that Putin remains in constant contact with the minister of defense and other military commanders and is informed about all activities of the Russian army in Ukraine.

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