Russia accuses Great Britain. “This is a warning”

Russia accuses Great Britain. “This is a warning”

Russian Ambassador Andrey Kelin argued in an interview with Sky News that Great Britain played a role in the attack on warships of the Russian Federation. When asked for evidence to confirm these words, he said he passed them on to the British ambassador.

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– We know very well about the participation of British specialists in the training, preparation and attack against the Russian infrastructure and the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. We know it has been done – said Kelin.

When asked again for the evidence, he said that “they will be public quite soon”.

– It is dangerous because it escalates the situation. […] This is a warning that Britain is too deep in this conflict. This means that the situation is becoming more and more dangerous, he said.

The UK government has referred to these words as false and intended to distract attention from Russia’s military failures in Ukraine.

“In recent days, Russia has presented a series of charges against Great Britain, clearly designed to distract attention from Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s losses on the battlefield and its bombing of civilians and energy infrastructure without respecting international law and innocent life,” Sky said. British government spokesman. He also emphasized that the United Kingdom has been supporting Ukraine continuously since Russia’s annexation of Crimea, i.e. since 2014.

Andrei Kelin was also asked if Russia could use nuclear weapons in a conflict with Ukraine. The diplomat argued that this would not happen.

– Nuclear war cannot be won and should never be fought. And we are sticking to this statement – he said.

The Russian ambassador added that “the world has every assurance that Russia will not use tactical nuclear weapons in the Ukrainian conflict.”

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